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CouchTuner is a free streaming platform with millions of fans all around the world who are always coming back on this site in order to watch all their favorite movies and series in HD quality without registration or advertising. There are a lot of people who are visiting CouchTuner everyday but almost none of them know a few important infos about this streaming site. Maybe you want to take a break now from watching movies and you can give us a few minutes to read this article and find out the best features of CouchTuner and other reasons to keep watching the best movies online on this platform. We will tell you a little bit about the story of CouchTuner, how it started, how it works and many more that you can find below.

CouchTuner is now using a beautiful design theme that's very friendly and easy to use even for somebody who never visited a streaming website before. It was our target ever since the beginning to make the website as easy to use as possible and we've made it with a lot of hard work. We've placed all the important action buttons in handy places for an easier access. There are two search forms so you can easily find your favorite content. Our website and database are well structured with tags for release year, genres, country, network, actors, director, guest stars and other. When you need some inspiration to decide what movie to watch, check out our dedicated pages where all the movies and series are sorted as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite or Top IMDb.

CouchTuner currently have one of the biggest databases of movies and series that you've ever seen on a free streaming site. It includes around 10.000 movies, 2000 tv series and 50.000 episodes. This is a huge amount that took years to build but it was definitely worth it because now our millions of fans can enjoy a rich variety of content. It's important to mention that CouchTuner does not host any video files on its own servers so it's a completely legal website. You can see all the video players on this site thanks to a non-affiliate third party video hosting platform who provides all the mirror links for the movies. Fortunately, this third party offers a really great quality on those players which means the visitors are able to stream Full HD movies and shows on fast loading players that are fully loading in less than a second, with other words now you don't have to wait anymore for a movie to load before watching it without interruptions or buffering. Just click play and it will start running automatically.

CouchTuner is a very easy to use website and there is no need for an advanced how to watch tutorial because everyone can easily figure out how it works. However, we've written a few words about the process of watching movies and series online free on this streaming site. When you visit CouchTuner, you have to look for something good to watch. If you already know, just use the search form and your movie will be available within a second. If you need some inspiration, just browse through our database and decide over a good movie. After you've found it, access its page and click the big play button from the middle of the screen. Our video players looks just like any other players so you can't miss the play button. After this step, you are free to watch the movie without problems.

CouchTuner is a completely free streaming website and even if we are offering probably the most qualitative streaming services in the world, we are not asking our visitors for anything in return as other sites do. We don't offer the possibility to buy any subscriptions on our website because that would be illegal and we also don't request any donations from our fans. We are only working on this online streaming platform because this is our passion and we are not earning anything from it. If you really like our work and you want to show us some support, please bookmark CouchTuner and also share it on your social networks so your friends will find out about it too.

CouchTuners.Net is a new kind of streaming site which is based on free HD streaming of tv series and movies without registration or advertisement. Even if CouchTuner's design looks a bit like WatchSeries, you can easily recognize it by logo and the different color scheme. The homepage of CouchTuner is very minimalistic with only a big search box so you can find your favorite tv shows faster. You also have easy access to the most important pages of the website in the top header menu. In the same time, at the bottom of the site there are listed top trending tv series, links to our social media pages and a little disclaimer that tells you CouchTuner is completely legal because it doesn't host any files, is just publishing links to third party websites. - Biggest Tv Shows Collection

Even if we like movies, we always prefer to binge-watch all the episodes from our favorite series, and that's why we decided to focus a bit more on tv shows than movies on CouchTuner. That doesn't mean you can't find movies here, there are almost 10.000 HD movies that are waiting for you. However, much more episodes are available, approximately 60.000 episodes from 1700 tv shows and everything can be watched for free. In order to view a movie or a serie on our website, just browse through our collection using the search boxes or the dedicated pages for each type of content. CouchTuner also has a lot of filters such as genres, years, tags, networks, popularity, rating and more that will make the search process more effective. - Latest Episodes Updated Daily

As we previously said, our main focus are the tv shows and that's why we've created a special section called New Episodes in the header of the site. This is were you can watch all the latest episodes uploaded on CouchTuner. To explain you a bit how this thing works: everyday there are releases of new episodes from a lot of tv shows, we sort them, choose only the best and then we publish the links on our website. This is a very fast process so you can watch your favorite episodes in just a few minutes after they are officialy released by their particular network. We are uploading only HD movies and series dubbed in English. If it is a foreign language content, we are always adding the official English subtitles. - Free Streaming Without Ads

We are also working hard to offer all our content without advertisement but sometimes we can't control this because of our dependance of third party websites. We recommend everyone to use any type of adblocker in order to get rid of all the annoying pops and ads. Also, a precautionary measure even if CouchTuner is completely legal, is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to make your browsing experience more secure and private, especially if you are living in a country where free streaming of movies and series is prohibited by the law.